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The Petersen Automotive Museum is often known as a place to gaze at fast cars. Their newest exhibit celebrates cars known for going a little slower. (KABC)

The big beast does zero to 60 mph in just seconds, which was supercar territory not too long ago, and does the quarter mile in under 12 seconds with a top speed of 180 mph. It also has all sorts of insane off-roading goodies, being a Grand Cherokee and all, so when you dump 85 grand on this thing expect to plunder the wilderness at incredible velocities.

Ryder seems anxious. He can't remember where he put "the water" in his back yard, so he's desperately scrapping about. He needs some before he "deals" with things. Ryder's homie LB tells him that an army guy (Colonel Fuhrberger) has all the weapons that Grove Street need. The plan is to rob Fuhrberger when its dark and he's asleep. After the cutscene, the time is automatically set as , and a boxville is placed outside Ryder's crib. Drive to Colonel Fuhrberger's, overlooking East Beach. Enter his house, and follow the on-screen instructions. You have a total of 8 minutes (8 game hours) to retrieve the goods and exit the colonel's house. A noise meter will appear, and you must remain silent at all times otherwise Furherberger will hear and call the cops.

The Legend of Zelda with its loyal base had a fan film called The Hero of Time [4] which received a strong following of fans. The movie premiered in Atlanta, GA in 2009 and online in December 2009 only to be shut down by Nintendo on January 1, 2010.

Engine: It’s a low-mileage truck engine Lucky bought for $1,000. He eliminated the displacement-on-demand parts, changed the cam, and added a set of MLS head gaskets and ARP head bolts. The engine is otherwise stock. Lucky built the bracket to relocate the ignition coils to the firewall, and the engine is cooled by a BeCool radiator and a pair of Spal fans. That’s a road-constriction sign at the base of the air cleaner, which seals it to the functional cowl-induction hood from Original Parts Group. Holley’s HP EFI runs the show, and Lucky can alter the tuneup through the 7-inch touchscreen dash-mounted next to his gauge cluster.
Transmission: Lucky bought a used T56 out of a Pontiac GTO from a friend who specializes in manual-transmission rebuilds.
Exhaust: Long-tube headers from eBay lead to a 2-1/2-inch Magna Flow dual-exhaust system Lucky built with an X-pipe.
Suspension: A full Chris Allston Chassisworks suspension gives the Chevelle its killer stance. Components include their drop spindles, A-arms, trailing arms, and springs and shocks.
Brakes: The front brakes consist of CPP’s 13-inch rotors and two-piston calipers. Baer’s rear disc conversion assist out back. Lucky has an adjustable proportioning valve mounted inside the passenger compartment next to the driver seat so he can adjust the brake bias while driving. He also installed a line lock to aid in the smoky burnouts seen in these pictures.
Rearend: It’s a fabricated 9-inch from Chris Allston with :1 gears on an Eaton Detroit Truetrac differential. When former owner Calin purchased the car, it had a 12-bolt with welded-up spider gears.
Wheels/Tires: Nitto NT555 rubber is mounted on 17-inch American Racing Torque Thrust wheels: 245/45 ZR17 and 315/35 ZR17, front to back. Lucky and Tony installed mini-tubs on the Chevelle for an episode of Hot Rod Garage .
Interior: The rollcage is from Chassisworks and was modified and installed by Bare Metal Fabrication in Carson, CA. Amadeus Upholstery made the rear seat pad, and the front seats are from a Hyundai Tiburon that Lucky found on eBay for $300 delivered. They are extra comfy for long road trips. Lucky did all the wiring and installed a Vintage Air underdash HVAC system.

Various - Lowrider Sound, The - Slow & EZVarious - Lowrider Sound, The - Slow & EZVarious - Lowrider Sound, The - Slow & EZVarious - Lowrider Sound, The - Slow & EZ